Flamenco music recital by Grupo Sinfónico
XXXI Festival de Cante Jondo de Casariche
Casariche - Sevilla (07/07/2022)

  • The XXXI Festival of Cante Jondo in Casariche kicked off with two magnificent instrumental flamenco performances.

    The instrumental flamenco was the protagonist of the first day of the XXXI Festival of Cante Jondo in Casariche, held on July 7th at 9:00 pm at the Municipal Theater.

    First, we were able to enjoy the concert of the 'Grupo Sinfónico' led by the young Casaricheña Catalina Sánchez, a virtuoso in flamenco saxophone, who was accompanied by Alba Espert on the guitar, and Niño Rubén on the bassoon.

    During the second part, Laura de los Ángeles, accompanied by Chupete on drums and percussion, and Manu on bass, also showed her talent on stage, demonstrating that the piano can be the most flamenco of instruments.

    Both performances gave goosebumps to a captivated audience.