• Tribute to Ricardo Molina with an exhibition in Córdoba on the centenary of his birth (15/11/2017)
    Closing season 2016/17 of the Tertulia Flamenca "Amigos de Paco Peña" with Rosi Campos singing and Alba Espert playing (23/06/2017)
    Flamenco Guitar Audition in Peña Flamenca de Córdoba (20/04/2017)
    "La Saeta Flamenca" represented at the theater Avanti in Cordoba
    The flamenco Cordoba surrenders to the art of Alba Espert (11/03/2017)
    Acting in La Posada del Potro - Córdoba (10/03/2017)
    Performance in the celebration of the Pattern of the Jerez Firemen Group (08/03/2017)
    Performance in the presentation of the book of poems "Si duele, inspira" by Adrián Zurera (24/02/2017)