Celebration of the Patron Saint of the Jerez Firefighters Association (08/03/2017)

  • The "Amigos de Paco Peña" Cultural Association collaborated with the Jerez Firefighters Association in celebrating the day of its Patron, San Juan de Dios, in unconditional gratitude for its support of the Association's activities.

    The celebration took place in La Sala Paúl de Jerez, with an event organized by the Jerez Firefighters Association and attended by the president of the Provincial Firefighters Consortium, Francisco Vaca; the president of the Jerez Firefighters Association, Carlos Altar, as well as the Fire Department area chief, María Jesús Palacios, together with the Jerez park chief, José Manuel Rosso Cote. Also present were commanders from the National Police, Local Police, military authorities and representatives of the emergency services, neighborhood associations and media officials. The bishop of Jerez, José Mazuelos, also attended, and the Deputy Mayor Francisco Camas did so on the municipal side.

    At the event, led by Javier García Rincón, the Jerez Firefighters Association awarded Pedro Ramírez Benítez, a partner and one of the people most involved in its different activities, with its Gold Medal. Likewise, the retirees of the Jerez Fire Station, the Local Civil Protection Service, attached to the Jerez Local Police, the 061 Emergency Service and Cáritas Diocesana de Asidonia-Jerez were also distinguished with commemorative medals. Likewise, firefighters Juan Mateos and Juan Miguel López were distinguished with commemorative plaques for their contribution to sports work, as well as Corporal Dionisio Pérez Bazán and the head of the park in Jerez, Rosso Cote, for their work to disseminate 'Prevention of Home Fires'.

    The collaboration by the Cultural Association "Amigos de Paco Peña" with this act, materialized with the performance of the Jerez-born guitarist Alba Espert (Official Guitarist and Secretary of the Association), who alternated the touch of Flamenco guitar as soloist with the accompaniment to the cante of Francisco Pulido "El Chiapas" (Vocal and Head of the flamenco area of ​​the Association).