Flamenco Córdoba surrenders to the art of Alba Espert (11/03/2017)

  • “Apotheosis of the young Jerez-born guitarist at the Centro Flamenco Fosforito de Córdoba”

    In the afternoon of yesterday, Friday the 10th, and within the Flamenco Cycle “TRASTEANDO” the young Jerez-born guitarist Alba Espert Ruiz, offered us an extraordinary flamenco recital. And not only in the field of solo flamenco guitar, but also in accompaniment to cante.

    She began with a solo touch, playing a magnificent Rondeña by maestro Manolo Sanlúcar. Teacher whom this young Artist admires. Her touch was of a cleanliness typical of already established masters, precise and precious, full of very harmonious sounds, resources and a flamenco feeling that made those gathered there vibrate.

    she continued with another guitar touch, and this time doing a granaína by the Masters, Paco Peña and José Luís Balao. A touch in which this young Artist adapts the two granainas, in a sublime genius. How was her touch, masterful. Needless to say, the public's reaction to this second interpretation. The clamor, for the perfect execution of the toque, and when observing how in a young woman like her, (only 19 years old) can contain so much flamenco art, creativity and wisdom, it was exciting to see an audience understood in the matter, how they delivered before such a sublime interpretation.

    After these first two flamenco soloist performances, she accompanied the no less extraordinary cantaora from Córdoba, Mª José Abad. A cantaora who makes cante a “Pasión”, giving herself entirely to Art. She accompanied Solea de Córdoba, Malagueña, Farruca, Petenera and Caracoles for her.

    she began the performance of her accompaniment to some cantes by Soleares de Córdoba. The cante is something masterful, and the touch of this Jerez woman who seems to have been born in the bosom of these cantes of the Caliphal city is sublime. Her companion, the best flamenco singer where they exist, turned to her interpretation, once the recital was over, in praise of this young Jerez-born guitarist. The touches of Soleares de Córdoba, made by this young woman from Jerez, performed with the purest and most orthodox touches, worthy of the most expert and heterodox players of this Palo, demonstrated the exquisite wisdom and wisdom of what she did.

    Alba Espert followed her accompaniment to Malagueñas, (Peñaranda and Mellizo). If the effect of admiration and perplexity caused in the public by so much art, in her first three performances, two solo, and her first accompaniment, no less was her reaction when observing the resource capacity that this young guitarist has for the accompaniment. In her touch, he rocks, cradles the cantaora, as mothers cradle and protect her children in the most intimate part of her lap. Precise and precious touches of falsetas, very measured and always in rhythm, and with knowledge of what she is doing in the accompaniment. Without unnecessary virtuosity, which sometimes tarnish. Maintaining the precision of the times, both of touches and silences, and giving the entrances to cante with such mastery that there were those who thought that this young woman was already a mature guitarist. She admired the audience and made the cantaora feel comfortable.

    La Malagueña's interlude falseta deserves special mention, not only for its tight timing or for the beauty of its notes, but also for the melody that it transmitted to us, the feeling of a cante, the beat of her heart, the one that Alba Espert transmitted to us in her notes, the one who was giving us with her Art. I have to mention, because of how curious it was, the exclamation of an older fan, when in the middle of the interlude falseta he shouted "But where does this genius come from?" his performance.

    This great Artist continued, in her performance in the accompaniment of the cante, making it a cante, which today many of the great artists, (of great economic cache) forget even though it is an intrinsic part of the history of flamenco art. , THE FARRUCA. Majesty, precision and creativity in both the Touch and the Cante. Curious thing, this Jerez woman embroiders it in the accompaniment and in her concert guitar, as I have had the privilege of hearing.

    I may be labeled repetitive, but what majesty !! Have we heard touches by farrucas? Yes Maybe ... But have we been spoiled Alba Espert? Maybe not! Perhaps we have not heard a touch of accompaniment to the Farrucas like that of this young woman.

    She continued with the accompaniment in cantes by Peteneras. And what to say, of her touch, worthy of Doña Pastora, the one who would say to live… without fear… “Ole you, my girl Alba! And smell the art that you spill. Who could have you in my cantes… ”And it is that Alba, keeps and transmits the purity of the old cantes, she does not care that they are classified as“ rancios ”, she is“ PURA ”, we go, of pure and orthodox flamenco, without ambages or commercial flamenquismos (Guiris).

    In his accompaniment touch he could not forget his beloved land, Cádiz, a Jerez woman who loves, respects and feels, CADIZ. A Cádiz without fictitious borders in Flamenco Art. Her “Sonanta”, I do not forget the cantes of Cádiz, and her fingers made the public vibrate with their touch for Caracoles. The last accompanying touch from him. What a touch of accompaniment to cante! Great, making us feel the sea breeze of Cádiz on our faces, and flamenco art on our souls. It was great. Better, let's simplify ... Masterful !!

    He finished his performance as he began, with his masterful solo flamenco playing. On this occasion, interpreting a magnificent Taranta, composed by two Masters, Vicente Amigo, one, and the other, by their first and admired teacher, José Luís Balao, a Jerez-born, whom the MASTER Paco de Lucía defined, as the “SCIENTIST OF GUITAR".

    These two works united by the personal creativity and musical arrangements of Alba Espert, and played by the fingers and "sonanta" of this young Jerez woman, thus giving a magnificent realization of the arrangements. and adaptation of this beautiful Taranta.

    Like hers, her previous touches, both soloists and accompaniment to cante, were sublime.

    La Taranta, coming out of her fingers when touching the strings of her guitar, radiated that feeling of sadness of the miner, as well as that balm that good music gives. Here already, if there were any doubts, the audience burst into oles and applause. They had seen and heard a "Queen Midas" because like that mythical King of fable, she, when playing, the strings of her guitar, the fingerboard, etc., in short, when placing her hands on the "Sonanta", this became a jewel of indescribable musicality. She, the young Jerez-born Alba Espert Ruiz, is today, at 19 years old, an accomplished artist.

    Gaius Julius Caesar said when he arrived in Rome after conquering Gaul in the battle of Zela, in which he defeated the king of Pontus, "Veni, vidi, vici" I ARRIVED, I SAW AND I VICTED. Well then, Alba Espert Ruiz, I ARRIVE, PLAY AND FALL IN LOVE. Because she made us fall in love with her art. She makes Córdoba fall in love.

    Ole Jerez and her art !! Ole la flamencura by Alba Espert !!!