ÎTTANTÊ (Niño Rubén)
Doña Mencía - Córdoba (19/08/2022)

  • The creator of the flamenco bassoon returns to Doña Mencía on August 19, with a show full of unique moments. It will also be the world premiere of the fagotiño.

    He will be accompanied by Alba Espert a la guitarra, Raquel Romero on viola, Daniel Morales on percussion, and Alba Luna dancing.

    Niño Rubén presents his new 'fagotiño' project in Doña Mencía to a sold-out audience

    The creator and sole worldwide representative of the Flamenco bassoon presented his latest innovation at the Old Church Auditorium in Doña Mencía: The fagotiño, a fusion between Arabic music and Flamenco.

    On Friday, August 19, Niño Rubén performed a show titled 'Îttantê,' the Andalusian translation of the word 'moments' according to the EPA regulations, a proposal that uses common guidelines to represent the different dialects coexisting in Andalusia. Following the same premise, this recital aimed to recreate the essence of Andalusian culture through a contemporary vision using his well-known flamenco bassoon.

    Among the many surprises of the night, the absolute premiere of the fagotiño stood out, an instrument designed by the young instrumentalist inspired by the Arabic sounds that coexist in flamenco. Its creation has been possible based on the fagotino, an instrument that already existed and is on the verge of extinction due to its exclusive use in the educational field.

    In this way, he has not only given an even more unknown instrument than the bassoon a specific identity, but also revalued it by using it as a protagonist rather than just a simple teaching tool.

    Similarly, he also played a distinctly Arabic instrument, the duduk, whose repertoire was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2008.

    The cast accompanying him included Alba Espert on guitar, Raquel Romero on viola, Daniel Morales 'Mawe' on percussion, and Alba Luna dancing.

    It is worth remembering that, five years ago, Niño Rubén similarly chose his hometown, Doña Mencía, to develop the birth of his flamenco bassoon, an innovation for which he is now recognized as one of the most avant-garde and promising bassoonists in the world. This project has been supported by the International Festival of Cante de las Minas, where just a few weeks ago, he was one of the two finalists vying for the renowned Filón Prize.