II Meeting of Young Artists of Cordoba
European Music Day Celebration
La Casa Azul - Cordoba (06/21/2022)

  • The Association of Young Entrepreneurs (AJE) together with La Casa Azul organizes the II Meeting of Young Artists of Cordoba.

    Given the success of the first call made last year, they repeat the format so that artists who wish to participate can exchange work experiences and establish collaborative strategies and knowledge sharing with the rest of the participants.

    The goal is that during the day, each participant can meet and introduce themselves to a significant number of young artists, with the same concerns and interested in expanding their network of contacts, promoting their services or products, and closing agreements and collaborations.

    Date: June 21, 2022
    Location: La Casa Azul (Calle Muñoz Capilla, 15)

    It is worth noting that at this Meeting of Young Artists of Cordoba, some of the greatest Cordovan artists and good friends and collaborators of La Casa Azul in various disciplines have attended as Guest Artists. For example, in music, the young flamenco guitarist Alba Espert, 2021 Acciona Scholar at the Cristina Heeren Foundation, composer and guitarist Rafael Trenas Jr., whose latest album Horizonte was released this year at the Teatro Góngora, musician and entrepreneur Félix Ramírez, drummer and General Manager at Backstage Academy Córdoba, singer Trinidad Montero, La Trini, responsible for the show "La Cosa está que Trini" which premiered at the Gran Teatro as the closing of the Women's Cycle last March, and in the plastic arts, the sculptor who has fascinated great film directors and moves between clay and digital art pixel, having participated in important film projects such as "A Monster Calls" or "Batman," just like José María Serrano, his brother and also a sculptor, author of the sculpture "Vientos de cambio del Vial Norte", better known as the Giant and the Child.