Accompaniment to Jorge Ramírez "El Wilo" in the National Flamenco Art Contest of Córdoba (13/11/2016)

  • Alba Espert on guitar accompanies the cantes of Jorge Ramírez "El Wilo" in the prestigious National Contest of Flamenco Art in Córdoba, where 180 artists will compete for the three great prizes.

    In its years of history, the Contest has encouraged and promoted flamenco, contributing to dignify the artistic and professional consideration of the genre and its interpreters. Today it is the main reference for flamenco competitions and the only one in its category that can give the title of National Award.

    The jury for this edition is made up of:
    - Calixto Sánchez
    - Mayte Martín
    - Arcángel Flamenco
    - Victor Monge Serranito
    - José Antonio Rodríguez
    - Gerardo Núñez
    - Farruquito
    - Rafaela Carrasco
    - Isabel Bayón Compañía

    The participation of Jorge Ramírez "El Wilo", accompanied by Alba Espert on guitar, in the Selection Phase will take place on 11/13/2016 at the Góngora Theater in Córdoba.

    Good luck!

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